Hisense Australia is the official television and refrigeration supplier of the Australian Open, where world class products work in harmony with the first Grand Slam event of the year.  Our ambition is a result of our products finding its way into millions of customer’s home around the country. We strive toward innovation plus affordability, because why wait to have it all? With hundreds of Hisense products utilised around Melbourne Park those behind the scene, centre court and even around the Grand Slam Oval, fans will have a chance to experience the high quality products we offer.

The broadcasting staff, the unsung heroes of the entire Australian Open series will utilise Hisense equipment so fans and players alike don’t miss an ace or volley. Hisense TV’s will be splashed all around the Australian Open grounds and supersized as a Mega Screen for fans to watch all the action.

Hisense has become a household name around the country selling over 1 million products to satisfied customers. Fans of the tennis and Hisense products are encouraged to visit Facebook.com/HisenseAU for the latest product announcements and giveaways during the tournament and throughout the year.

To see the full range of Hisense products visit hisense.com.au