IBM is the Official Information Technology Partner of the Australian Open. For over 23 years, IBM has been partnering with Tennis Australia to innovate and deliver real business results to meet the demands of millions of fans, sponsors, broadcasters and players around the world.

IBM solutions help to collect, distribute and analyse data on almost every aspect of the Australian Open. This starts with providing the most basic piece of information – the score. From here, a vast sea of data – from schedules to player statistics and serve speeds – is captured and collated for officials, media and fans, both in the arena and around the world. This layer upon layer of information is what creates the immersive experience of the Australian Open.

Once again IBM has partnered with Tennis Australia to develop innovative solutions to ensure Australian Open 2016 is ahead of the game.

Some of the solutions that IBM will be providing at the tournament include:

  • The Official Australian Open tournament website
  • An integrated end-to-end scoring system that supports key services
  • Speed Serve System
  • Australian Open Intranet and CCTV Feeds
  • Match Information towers included around the grounds
  • Chair umpire solutions
  • Referee and scheduling services
  • IBM SlamTracker
  • Mobile and Smart Phone Apps

For the 2016 tournament, IBM SlamTracker has been further enhanced with social sentiment analysis. Using Watson cognitive technologies, SlamTracker shares analysis of Twitter conversations about players while they are on court, including measurements of volume and tone of the sentiment over the course of the match.

IBM’s ability to bring data together to build a meaningful experience has its applications well beyond the tennis. In this new world of information overload, IBM is turning its expertise to help all kinds of organisations drive business value from data – regardless of how it is sourced.

It’s just one of the ways we’re helping build a smarter planet. For more information on how IBM can help organisations capitalise on data, visit